Block Slide Fall Down

With the simple rules and easy one-finger control, you can enjoy Unblock: Sliding Block Puzzle at ease. However, don’t underestimate this tiny block board game, it is a mighty opponent for you to conquer. Strategize your move carefully, move the block in the least amount as possible and get all three stars. Don’t rush – Keep your thoughts flowing and you will find satisfaction once the way is clear. With each red block slide through, you will see your abilities improve little by little and find yourself in a healthy habit.

HOW TO PLAY UNBLOCK SLIDE PUZZLE: – Move the block freely aligning with its direction on the board – as long as there is nothing blocking their way.- Unblock – Clear the way to get the red block out.- Try to move the block in the least amount as possible to get all three stars.- Don’t be rush! Ponder your move, savor the flow of your thoughts, and try again as many times as you like.- If you get stuck, don’t be too stressed! Use hints to get the solution and be mind blown.