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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a game you can access anywhere from the comfort of your computer’s browser.


In it your duty is to bake cookies, but how do you do that? Simple, you click on the giant chocolate chip cookie in front of you.


Each time you click you get a point.


The more you click, the more points you have and the more your bakery gets popular.

Each click unlocks more content that makes it easier to gain points.


From automatically baking cookies to even increasing the points that you get with each click, you’ll certainly be glued to your screen to get the highest score possible.


Golden cookies add a unique twist to the game and it is unique to see just how enthralled you can become by just clicking on a cookie all day.


Being a simple game it does provide additional content for fans, with seasonal updates as well as additions that can be used to enhance the game and make it quite unique.


It’s a canvas for cookie creativity that anyone can enjoy, and it is certainly among the most popular being called the main game to enjoy when you are idle.


Cookie Clicker is quite unique among the multitude of games out there since it has led to many other famous games, but being the original it does have an amazing concept that is hard to replicate.


Who knew it could be this fun to click on a cookie all day? You feel accomplished and soon it will have you rushing to get some of those delicious treats in your mouth.


It’s bound to make you hungry but try the game for yourself and see just how much you can resist tapping on that delicious cookie in front of you to get as many points as you can!


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