Funny Fast Fart

Show you are the best catching the fart !You must compete by cutting a fart.There are 4 players you can play with: a Gold Horna light blue toileta pink toilet, anda black toiledYou have to move sideways to try to catch the fart when he returns.But be careful! any time the fart comes back to you, without your rival havingreturned it. When the fart passes behind your rival, you win a point, and to win the matchyou must make 20 points. If you succeed you will unlock the toilet to play !.

To play touch the big fart in the menu.To shoot a fart touch the horn, or press the spacebar.To move your player to the left touch the bottom left of the screen, or press the left arrow key.To move your player to the right touch the bottom right of the creen,or press the right arrow key.