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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Unblocked

Go on an exciting and gruesome ride in the Flash game Happy Wheels. The 2D takes puzzle racing to a whole other level.  At first glance, Happy Wheels unblocked looks like a traditional stunt racing game, but when you actually start to play it, you can see all of the different elements and features that make it so unique.

Happy Wheels Characters

The characters in Happy Wheels are some of the more innovative designs seen in a stunt Flash game. The initial version of the game features three playable characters. Downloading the full game and all of the updates can unlock additional character options. Wheelchair guy features an old man that rides on a rocket-powered wheelchair. The Segway man features a man in a business suit that wheres a helmet and rides in a standing Segway. The Irresponsible Dad character features a father on a bicycle. His son rides on the back of the back with him. By upgrading the game, you can unlock more than ten additional characters. The Irresponsible Mother character features two children attached to the bike instead of just one.

The Effective Shopper features an overweight in an electric shopping scooter. Similar to that is the Lawnmower Man. This character features an overweight man riding on a lawnmower. For the holidays, a special Santa Claus character was created. This character features Santa riding in a sleigh pulled by two elves. Level designs in the game feature a mix of cities, landscapes, and cave designs. Along with hills and other obstacles, there are a number of moving locations that the characters must travel across.

Game Idea

This includes moving platforms, riding on the back of other vehicles, and exploding dynamite. Mixing unique characters with unique level designs is what really helps unblocked Happy Wheels come to life. The game brings a lot of laughs, even if you’re losing. When a character makes contact with an object, they almost immediately start losing body limbs. Instead of ending the level at that point, the game goes on and more limbs can be lost. Characters even children are often beheaded or detached from their spine.


Blood squirts everywhere, but it all comes off as pretty harmless in the cartoon form. It’s fun to see how much further your character can make it after they’ve become injured in a level. For example, if the Wheelchair man is thrown from his wheelchair, then you can still try and navigate the level using the game controls. When playing on a computer, the characters are controlled using the arrow keys.

Extra Tips

You also have the option of ejecting the characters from their rides. For example, with the irresponsible father, you can eject the father from the bike so that just the son rides. All of these different options add a lot of replay value and can really enhance the game. Along with a wide selection of levels, players have the option of using a level editor. This editor allows you to create custom level designs and add in all types of obstacles.


This can really expand the gameplay and gives you a chance to challenge family and friends. If a Happy Wheels level is complete, then you will receive your final time for completing the level. You can save all of your high scores and compete against them at future times or with different characters that become available.

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