Super Spy Agent 46

We all known, agent 47, but the figure agent 46 had been more popular in alter verse, more deadly, more louder and definitely more then just a beast when it comes to taking the hordes of enemies46 is a paid assassin and a clone. He gets his name from being the 46th clone created from the DNA of five different men, made to be perfect spies who could easily maintain peak physicality and intelligence for many years while easily being controlled by whoever they were devoted to, usually a handler.

Keyboard Control: Action:WASD/Arrows MoveMouse AimSpace/J Jump or ascend or driftLMB/Z FireRMB/X Grenade or descendMouseWheel/Q/E Change weaponA Jump / ascend / driftRight Trigger/Shoulder/X FireLeft Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descendLeft/Right Change weaponLeft Shift Button Activate Slo-Mo TimeY Enter/Exit