Zombie Last Castle 4

Zombie Last Defense 4 continues with new defense. Defense this time is more difficult because zombies now attack from both directions. But there are new stronger weapons, bonuses and the 4th player joining the game. You must stop the zombies coming in waves before your castle falls. If you are playing the game for the first time, choose “Normal” in difficulty mode. Whether you play 1 Player or 2-3-4 Player, the goal is to keep the zombies away from the building. If you can survive a total of 12 waves, you win the game!

Player 1:Move: “W,A,S,D”Switch Gun: “Q”Go in/out Base: “E”Player 2:Move: “ARROW KEYS”Switch Gun: “.”Go in/out Base: “L”Player 3:Move: “Y,G,H,J”Switch Gun: “T”Go in/out Base: “U”Player 4: (from the numeric keypad.)Move: “1,2,3,5”Switch Gun: “4”Go in/out Base: “6”P.S: Use “MOUSE” to activate Weapons and Power-ups.